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Unique illustrations with clear storytelling, and simple metaphors

Solving the problem of your site using colors and shapes


2D Illustration

Sometimes an illustration is an easy way to tell the user more than words can describe. Using unique and stylish scenes adds value to an agency or brand. This is exactly how the illustration talks to the user without using words.


3D Illustration

By adding a third dimension to your site or app, you will allow a user to look at your product from another perspective. Complex 3D scenes can keep a user on the page, which can be directly reflected in the indicators of the agency or brand.



Using explainer videos or short animations on a website, the user can get a better interactive experience. Sometimes motion allows you to tell more than a static illustration. Especially if you need to show a process, how-to, or create a wow effect on the home page.

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Igor's work is really good, and our customers like it a lot. They've told us his designs stand out and look great. It's easy to work with him, and he gets what we're trying to do every time. We're looking forward to making more great stuff together. Big thanks to Igor for delivering solid work consistently!

Nathan Tetroashvili

Co-Founder Wobby

Igor was fantastic to work with - he was professional, communicative and offered a quick turnaround time for my project. His illustrations were high quality and added a lot to my website. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an illustrator!

Fiona McCarthy

Founder Siterise

Igor, your incredible talent turned our ideas into perfect animations, exceeding expectations and making our project launch a resounding success. Thank you!

Jeremy Batchelor

Project Manager in Sodium Halogen

Amazing work man, absolutely love the full collection! Great feedback from our customers on your style and work. Thanks for the great work!

Tom Bekkers

Founder Flowbase

Igor these are awesome, love the look so far! Look forward to our continued work together. Love your style - that's why we want to work with you!

Adam Weiler

Founder FlatFilePro

Working with Igor is amazing! He understands the task at hand and you can be sure that the results will be of top-notch quality with great attention to detail.

Shane Riley

Co-Founder Ciseway

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